Architect Design
Adds value to your lifestyle - and your home

Talk to ICON about designing a home, and we'll start by getting to know you, what you want, and how you want to live.

Every ICON home is unique, because every client and every location is unique.

We'll help you make the most of all the very best ideas and avoid the pitfalls.

And we'll add practical as well as design value to your home by making sure we maximise light, space and energy efficiency.

Architects and Builders
or why two heads are better than one.

It also means we design with a very important concept in mind. We call it "buildability".

ICON is unique in that we are both architects and builders. However, although it's unusual, it makes a lot of sense. For a start, the origin of our word "architect" is the Greek word "arkhitekton", which means "head builder".

As an integrated architectural and construction company we have several important advantages.

You have one key point of contact throughout the entire process. Our people know exactly what's going on at every stage of the project - and you know exactly who to talk to. It helps us ensure stringent quality control and simplifies finding practical solutions to the small problems which will inevitably crop up.

Designing for buildability actually means we can present highly creative options and know that they're also practical.

And, creative, practical solutions ultimately mean better value for your money.

Money Money Money
Many people think "architect designed home" always equals "expensive home".

Quality design, construction and finish add considerably to the utility and value of your home.

And, good design and innovative construction can add immeasurably to the value you'll get from your homesite.

When you outline your budget to us and we come back to you with a proposed design and a cost - that price is the total cost to finish the home to the point where it's ready for you to move straight in.

A Well Travelled Road
At ICON we see ourselves as your guides on a very exciting journey. A journey which will lead you to discover your own individual home.

Sometimes though, taking the first few steps can seem quite daunting. It takes a certain amount of individuality and courage to strike out on your own.

However, it is a road that ICON has been down many times before.

So the first step is to talk to us.

Tell us about yourself and your family. Show us examples of homes or features you like. Let us know how you live, and how you want to live.

From this starting point we'll help you design and build the home that's right for you.